We believe that we have contributed to the success of Qatar in a significant way, by putting Qatar on the world map of the "best restaurants of the world".

No success can come without a vision, the vision of Al Mourjan is to create something unique tailor made for Qatar, en par with the top restaurants around the world, which we already have achieved, and to be present in some of the big capital cities of the world, which is now under process.


Al Mourjan's success goes back to the company vision, company philosophy and continuous professional development of our human resources.


We take great pride in our human resources, we develope them into unique professionals. Al Mourjan key assets are its intellectual and human capital. Home to exceptional talent, our personnel aren't just skilled, but possess market expertise.

Al Mourjan provides a culture that ensures both the professional and personal growth of individuals. That's why you'll find enthusiastic, highly charged professionals in our restaurants.


When we started we set out to create the best Lebanese restaurant in the region. We travelled and conducted years of research and benchmarking of the best signature restaurants available so we could be absolutely sure that our cuisine would be the best.


We embraced a phenomenal opportunity and transcended a landmark property to its fullest potential. Powerful branding and intelligent public relations were essential components required to succeed.


The difference and our secret to success can be entirely attributed to vision.

We stepped back, did some out-of-the box thinking, retained the beauty and authenticity of the property while injecting a more welcoming and enjoyable ambiance maximizing the property's experiential potential.

Our team, of course is an essential ingredient in our success menu as well.
We have hand selected the best chefs to operate the Mourjan kitchens. Our Senior Executive Chef Ashraf Raad has created a level of excellence for our phenomenal cuisine.

People are always looking for positive experiences regardless of the economy. Mourjan has become synonymous with a place you come to leave your worries behind. We have a lot of business functions and deals being made over lunches and dinners, but I think the key is that everyone can't help but feel relaxed at Mourjan and they can be assured that their guests, whether friends or clients will be suitably impressed with the cuisine and service.


There is always a market for quality. The best restaurants around the world stand the test of time. The recession didn't have a great impact on us. We have remained true to our commitment to excellence and quality - regardless of the expense. We never cut corners in the development or the operation of Al Mourjan.

The driving force behind Al Mourjan are the owners, Mr. Nasser Abdelaziz Al Mesalam and Mr. Mohamed Al Sadek, and the vision that they have created for the company, the vision of creating a unique restaurant concept for Qatar. Now this restaurant has become en par with the best restaurants in the world.

Al Mourjan's success must be attributed to each team member who tirelessly delivers their best every day. Hospitality is a challenging industry and the role of every member of the team is critical to consistently deliver excellence. I applaud my team who work from their hearts and pull together shift after shift to deliver a special experience and the best cuisine for our guests. So clearly it must be the human talent that we have, a very pro-active team surrounding Al Mourjan.


There is one special person, however, who shared the Al Mourjan vision from the beginning. She transcended that vision intuitively and created a way to reach and share the Mourjan experience with those who could appreciate it most. Suzanne Grant, one of Qatar's most intelligent brand and PR experts, gave Al Mourjan a huge boost during our start up stage launching us immediately to the top. Suzanne was a tremendous support to the entire team and helped us see our own vision more clearly. The experience was magical.

The achievements are many, starting with the excellent reviews we have been getting in the International media all over the world, newspapers and magazines and websites.


Some of the newspapers that have recognized us are, The New York Times,
The International Herald Tribune, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, and the Independent in the U.K.
As for the magazines we have been in the DEPARTURES magazine from New York,
the FINANZEN magazine in Germany, the LIFE STYLE CHINA magazine in China,
and many other local and regional magazines in Lebanon, UAE, and in Qatar.
As for the internet we are in numerous traveler and tourist websites on the net.

I think one of the biggest achievements that we have accomplished is that we are the only restaurant in the region that gets reservations from all over the world, we have had reservations from the U.S, from across Europe, from the Far East and even from Latin America, and this is by far one of our most important achievements.

Al Mourjan is Qatar's leading restaurant favored by the international corporations, international delegations, diplomatic missions, heads of state, and royalties from all around the world.

It's also a favorite hangout for international celebrities when they visit town.

As a result of our vision and hard work, we have become a Landmark in Qatar.
We are today one of the Landmarks in Qatar, you cannot visit Doha without coming to experience the brilliance of Al Mourjan.

The accolades that we have received are many  
Qater Today Top Destination Award 2010 Qater Today & Qatar Al Yom Magazine
International Recognition Award 2010 Life Style China
Qatar's Best Restaurant Award 2010 Qatar Happening
Winner of Qatar's Best Restaurant Award 2009 & 2010 Qatar Today
Award of Excellence in Lebanese Cuisine 2010 The Lebanese Syndicate for Hotels and restaurants

But by far the best award that we keep receiving is when a customer bids us farewell saying it is the best restaurant he or she has been to.

We motivate our staff by EMPOWERING them, by making them believe they can do more and better, that they can develope themselves to a level of excellence. We make them understand that this development is not only important for the company, but also for their own selves, which is basically a very important part of the philosophy that we teach in the company, we teach them that the only way forward in life is thru self and professional development.

Our future aspirations is to expand but at the same time to keep our level of excellence intact.
At the moment Al Mourjan consists of 2 restaurants in Qatar, there is one more planned for Qatar at the beginning of 2011, and then from there on we will go regional with restaurants planned in Abu Dhabi and Beirut, and last but not least we will go international with restaurants planned in Paris, London and New York within the next 5 years.

Al Mourjan can be described in four words, ' HISTORY IN THE MAKING '.

As for myself, my philosophy remains, 'KEEP BELIEVING & KEEP LOOKING FORWARD'.


Written by
Mohamed Al Sadek
Owning Director of Al Mourjan Restaurants




Qatar Today Top Destination Award 2010, International Recognition Award 2010, Qatar's Best Restaurant Award 2010, Winner of Qatar's Best Restaurant Award 2009 and 2010, Award of Excellence in Lebanese Cuisine 2010